Onboarding simplified

Our hiring, onboarding and engagement tools were built to help you save time while setting your team up for success from their very first day. 


We help with federal W-4s, I-9s, and automatically file your new hire paperwork with the state to stay compliant right from the start.


Share documents and request electronic signatures instantly, from anywhere. All your forms are stored in your USPay account.

Software setup

With USPay, you can create (or remove) accounts for your favorite tools with just a click. This is sometimes called software provisioning and de-provisioning. We call it a major time-saver.

Onboarding checklists

For every new employee, you have one reliable list. It’s a simpler way to get the right forms signed, set up benefits, and more. We’ll include must-haves, but you can also add your own items and even delegate tasks.

Time tools

Manage time tracking, time-off requests, holidays, and more. It’s all integrated into your payroll, automatically.

Build a strong work culture

Creating a great work environment isn’t just about the first day. These tools help you continue to engage and nurture your hardworking team. Create anonymous surveys to understand your team’s needs. Get organized with visual org charts and employee directories. Sign and send virtual birthday cards for your employees.

Happy Customers

“We found USPay appealing because it went beyond payroll processing by offering other staff benefits we could grow into, like PTO and health insurance.”

“Eliminating administrative tasks so people can focus on the job they were hired to do is huge.”

“It’s just easy. Payroll is really quick — I just compare pay runs and it takes me 10 minutes, where it used to take hours.”

The Single Platform for Your HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Insurance

USPay is short for US Payroll Corporation. US Payroll Corporation helps the owners and HR managers of small to medium-sized businesses manage employee records, streamline talent management, and access critical data to help them make informed business decisions with confidence. 



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